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John McGregor worked at Expo 1988 Brisbane, Expo 1992 Seville, and Expo 1993 Daejeon. Following a meeting of Expo cities and regions in Seville in 2002, he launched a commemorative website for Expo 1988 Brisbane in 2004, which he now runs and maintains at He currently resides in the Gold Coast, Queensland.

The Legacy of Expo '88 - and Marching Towards the 30th Anniversary

The Legacy of Expo '88 - and Marching Towards the 30th Anniversary

Expo 1988 Brisbane was a runaway success and a game changer for the City of Brisbane. Attracting more than 18 million visitors - more than the total population of Australia at the time - and visited by numerous Heads of State and opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Expo, with its friendly furry platypus mascot "Expo Oz" and theme song "Together, We'll Show the World" was 1788-1988 Bicentennial Australia's largest and most successful event, proudly presenting a modern and brash Brisbane to the world stage.

But what about what happened after Expo, and its "Post-Expo" legacy?

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