3. About Greater Paris

As a pioneer and host of five World Expos between 1855 and 1900, as well as the Expo of 1937, Paris has a rich experience of organising Expos that have forged the spirit of this event, generated striking innovations and left behind an exceptional architectural, urban and industrial heritage. 

The Greater Paris region is one of the most attractive hubs in the world. It is the world’s leading international tourist destination and its second business travel destination. It combines a thriving economy, cultural creativity and potential for higher education and research.

Today, Greater Paris boasts leading-edge infrastructures with a dense and efficient public transport network, enabling it to be confident in considering hosting an international event on the scale of a World Expo.

Greater Paris is also a place of entrepreneurial and artistic initiatives. Nine clusters, multiple creative areas and daily international events are a clear sign of this exceptional world position.


2. Proposed Site

The Global Village of World Expo 2025 would be located south-west of Paris, in the Essonne department, near the Château de Versailles. A new automatic metro would provide a fast link to the historic centre of Paris.

In keeping with the theme, the Village would be set up on the Paris-Saclay Campus, at the heart of where French excellence in higher education and research lies, drawing together young people from all over the world. Making the most of the site’s outstanding natural beauty, the Village would cover a surface area of 110 hectares.

Architectural and technological daring would join forces in a “village” spirit, with a centre, streets and squares. People would be able to get around easily, promoting a friendly atmosphere, with each participating country being given the opportunity of having an exhibition and hosting area that will be as close to visitors as possible.

This Global Village would be homogenous, compact and on a human scale, with three spaces offering opportunities for visitors and participants to exchange:

The Globe, at the centre of the site, would bring together all participating countries and would offer highly advanced immersive experiences;

The Village and its pavilions would be designed as modular and interactive spaces, enabling visitors to wander around the Expo site without having to wait in line;

The parks and gardens, scattered here and there around the Expo, would be areas to relax, where events can be held, and a unique laboratory of biodiversity.

The Globe and the pavilions would constitute part of the Expo’s sustainable heritage.

1. Proposed Theme

The theme of the French bid is “Sharing our Knowledge, Caring for our Planet”. It was chosen following many productive exchanges with young people.

The theme chimes with the agenda of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Objectives and is in line with the Paris climate agreement. It would promote the values of interaction, daring, optimism, sustainability and inclusion.

France has always been among the frontrunners of nations to rise to these challenges: the legacy of the Enlightenment, its fights for human rights, its commitment to science or, more recently, to the environment.

This inclusive and multi-faceted theme is likely to encourage rich illustrations via a diverse presentation of the dynamics of innovation being expressed worldwide and an enhancement of the increasing initiatives in favour of environmental protection, but also by the increasingly frequent combination of these two dimensions. This would benefit future generations by defining a new model for growth based on equality, solidarity and mutual assistance between countries.

In this sense, it is very much a theme geared towards the future and young people. The latter would naturally be among the main groups involved in the World Expo.

Greater Paris, France

France’s bid is for a World Expo in Greater Paris between 1 May and 31 October 2025 under the theme “Sharing our Knowledge, Caring for our Planet”. 

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