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2020 Sao Paulo - Brazil


2020 sao paulo Eng 


Date :

May 15 – November 15, 2020


Expo Site :

The Expo will be hosted at the Pirituba Convention and Exhibition Center, located in the northwest of Sao Paulo. The exhibition site will cover an area of 502 hectares, the equivalent of four times of the size of Anhembi, currently the city’s largest exhibition center. Expo Sao Paulo site will include a conference center, an exhibition area, a shopping mall, hotels, facilities and services. Access to the site will be facilitated by its proximity to major transport connections, such as main roads and the city ring road. In addition, a new subway line will be constructed and new stations will be added.



Theme :

Power of Diversity, Harmony for Growth

The theme of Sao Paulo EXPO 2020 will allow participating countries and cities, public institutions and private enterprises to showcase their best practices and projects. They will present innovative social and economic policies, environmental programs and forthcoming technologies, in areas such as transportation, energy use, ICT and urban thinking.  

The future lifestyles of new generations and the future of a world without borders will frame the debates and the events at Sao Paulo Expo 2020, laying the basis for an historic educational, cultural and political legacy to benefit the international community.



2020-sao paulo-map-engObjectives :

Brazil, with a population of 190 million and a major contributor to international economic growth, is bidding to host Expo 2020 in order to strengthen and broaden its relations with all nations around the world.

Sao Paulo is the world’s ninth most populous and tenth wealthiest city. With its cosmopolitan dimension, comprising more than 70 different ethnic and religious communities, the city views Expo 2020 as an opportunity to consolidate its leadership role in the internationalization of the Brazilian economy and to become a continental crossroad for people and trade.

EXPO 2020 will stimulate human capital and economic growth for Brazil and Sao Paulo through the creation of new infrastructure – an event and exhibitions center, roads, railways, airport and digital highways - leaving a long lasting legacy for the city and the country.


“In the upcoming years, we are going to host the World Cup and the Olympic Games. In 2020, Brazil and Sao Paulo will be well prepared for hosting this big event. All levels of government will work together to honor this tradition of great shows. ”

Michel Temer, Vice President of Brazil


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