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2020 Izmir - Turkey


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Date :

April 30 – October 31, 2020   


Expected visitors :

Around 39 million visitors


Expo Site :

The site has a feasible location, enabling a smooth transportation plan for the Expo. With its inspiriting setting and easily accessible landmark location, the site will not create a burden on the city. The key potentials of the site include integration to the urban context and rich city fabric with a high legacy and post-use potential. The site is in a beautiful waterfront location having a great long-term potential as a basis for new urban development serving the entire Izmir.



Theme :

New Routes to a Better World / Health for All

The theme is based on the issue of health and quality of life. In the Aegean region, there has been a special interest of healthcare – starting from ancient settlements like Asklepion, Allianoi, and Agamemnon. “New Routes to a Better World/ Health for All” includes scientific, social and ecological approaches. It also refers to the various aspects of life for individuals, society, and environment. The theme will be on the health issues – while focusing in a rather positive manner to the quality of life. The size of Expo site and parking lots has been planned based on the duration of the event, number of expected visitors and participants, and there is a strong potential to enlarge the site in the forthcoming years against increasing expectations.



2020-izmir map engObjectives :

The goal of Izmir in bidding the Expo 2020 is to provide a meeting place for all mankind in harmony with all regions and cultures, and help to establish the basis for a better and healtier world. Izmir, at Turkey’s uniqe geographic location which connects Asia and Europe, the Black Sea and Mediterranean, is the Eastern point of West, the western point of East. Within the cultural mosaic of Anatolia acting as a bridge between eastern and western civilisations, Izmir and Aegean region have become symbols of solidarity and tolerance throughout history.


“The theme, which includes the healthy-living concept, is based on a very strong content to catch attention and global participation. [...] For the first time at the East of the Mediterranean, this Expo organization is very important for us because it will strengthen peace and raise life expectancy of the people living in this area.”

Mr Aziz KOCAOGLU, Mayor of Izmir


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