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Expo 2016 Antalya - Flowers and Children


Dates: April 23rd – October 30th 2016

Expected visitors: 8 million

The theme: Flowers and Children

With its theme "Flowers and Children", Antalya 2016 places future generations at the center of its Expo with the objective to instill children with love of nature and educate them and their families on the importance of sustainable development and nature preservation.

The Expo will also be the opportunity for countries and stakeholders of the horticulture industry not only to present their innovations and achievements, but also to get together to share experiences and develop sustainable projects.

"Our theme aims at bringing together countries and organizations to cooperate in building A green life for future generations. The visitors will have the opportunity to discuss ideas and develop common and sustainable solutions; and to build strong and lasting partnerships for a greener future" says Expo Secretary General, Mr Selami Gulay.

The experience

EXPO 2016 Antalya will afforest an unwooded 112-hectares area and create an environmentally friendly and sustainable Expo Site. The EXPO Hill, EXPO Forest and Expo Lake will allow visitors to discover the diversity of horticultural products and the variety of ecosystems present in our world. Visitors will discover thousands of species through the numerous gardens and greenhouses of the Expo.

Based on an edutainment approach, the Expo site will also offer play parks and playgrounds for children, as well as a museum of agriculture, a congress center that will welcome seminars and symposia and restaurants and shopping areas. Shows and artistic performances will also take place in the Expo amphitheater and all over the site.

Expo 2016 - The Site

About Antalya

A high potential for horticultural research
The nature that surrounds Antalya makes it an extraordinary location for a Horticultural Expo. Antalya is an environmental hot spot with endemic species of plants and plays an outstanding role in horticultural production in Turkey and in the Mediterranean region. The city has enough potential to become a leading center for environmental and horticultural research.

A major touristic destination
The Expo will benefit greatly from the flows of visitors that come to Antalya every year. The city is a major touristic center of Turkey with 12 million annual foreign visitors on average and 15 million visitors expected for 2016. Known as the "Turkish Riviera", the history of the city and the beautiful beaches and mountains that surround it have turned Antalya into one of the most visited cities in the World. The city offers numerous archeological sites and museums as well as spectacular locations for bathing, climbing, windsurfing, rafting, fishing and golfing.

Turkey and the BIE 

Turkey is a very active participant of Expos with pavilions in almost every Fair since 1867. To further strengthen its involvement in Expo organization and be able to host future events, Turkey became a member of the BIE in 2004 and a few years later, was selected to host the horticultural Expo of Antalya 2016.

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