Guinea-Bissau participated in Expo 2015 with a Pavilion situated in the Islands, Sea and Food Cluster under the theme ‘Seafood and Savannah Agriculture’. Known as the “land of a thousand rivers” on account of its abundance of fresh water on its mainland, Guinea-Bissau also includes the Bijagos Archipelago, which consists of 88 islands.

The country’s geography means that fish and seafood account for a large part of the diet of its population, with the pavilion notably drawing attention to the importance of the fishing sector. Guinea Bissau’s principal agricultural product – the cashew nut – was also highlighted in the pavilion, as well as other locally grown foods including rice, corn and vegetables.

expo 2015 guinea bissau

The pavilion illustrated the natural treasures and marine resources found around Guinea Bissau's many islands, evoking the marine landscape and raising awareness of the conversation of marine turtles. It also featured video projections and exhibitions that allowed visitors to discover more about the culture and crafts of Guinea Bissau.