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2015 Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life


May 1 - October 31, 2015


World-renowned for its culinary culture and home to several international agencies for food governance, Italy is preparing to stage in 2015 a World Expo in Milan for six months on the challenges our planet faces to feed its population in this new millennium. The Expo expects an estimated 21 million visitors and the participation of 120 governments, 10 international organizations, and 30 exhibitors from the business community.*



EXPO Milano: A Reflection on the Food We Consume in a Changing World

EXPO Milano 2015 - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life will advocate the access to safe, sufficient, and balanced diet for all as a basic human right.

It will deal with the wide range of issues associated with human nutrition, both in terms of the quality of food we consume and the supply of food for everyone.

Indeed, in the 21st century context of a rapidly growing population and a fast deteriorating environment that threaten the very source of life for humanity, ensuring food safety and food security represents a top global concern that requires a long-term vision and sustainable solutions by all nations of the world. The goal of the Expo will be to promote best practices relevant to the theme and to spur an international consensus in the face of one of the most pressing issues of our time.  



2015-milan-carte-fr-engThe 7 sub-themes of EXPO Milano 2015:

  • Science for Food Safety, Security and Quality
  • Innovation in the Agro Food Supply Chain
  • Technology for Agriculture and Biodiversity
  • Dietary Education
  • Solidarity and Cooperation on Food
  • Food for Better Lifestyles
  • Food in the World’s Cultures and Ethnic Groups




Milan: Global Metropolis of Innovation and Culture

A dynamic and vibrant global metropolis known for integrating innovation and traditional culture, Milan also boasts a centrality of location and the know-how of entertaining visitors to the city, which will no doubt serve as assets as it prepares to host a World Exhibition.



Expected number of visitors*: 21 million visitors/ 29 million visits

Expected number of participants*: 120 countries, 10 international organizations, 30 exhibitors from the business community

* According to estimates of the Expo organizers


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