Five years after EXPO Shanghai 2010, the world celebrates the World Cities Day at EXPO Milan 2015

Five years after EXPO Shanghai 2010,  the world celebrates the World Cities Day at EXPO Milan 2015

There is an annual event, during which the international community celebrates urbanisation and urban sustainable development: the World Cities Day.

Five years after the closing of World Expo Shanghai and on the closing day of World Expo Milan, the celebration of the World Cities Day is the occasion to recall, renew and expand the ideas and practices of the Shanghai Expo Declaration for future development.

Since Expos have always had a strategic role in urban planning, the future of cities is one of the main concerns for the BIE. If historically, Expos have contributed to transform and even built the urban landscape of the great cities of the world – Paris, New York, Chicago, London, Brussels, notably, today, Expos are also fuelling global debates and the development of shared practices for designing, planning and building quality environments for urban life.

Any World Expo has the three objectives of education, innovation and cooperation that help frame the theme and identify new ways of presentation and promotion.

Expo Shanghai 2010 stressed education, promoted innovation and facilitated cooperation for urban quality of life, which is a top priority.

Expo Milan 2015 has been an extraordinary platform to showcase innovation and improve living conditions, to bring people together in a spirit of dialogue, cooperation and cultural diversity and communicate on the major challenges related to food and nutrition.

The World Cities Day being one of the legacies of World Expo Shanghai. Its celebration in Milan establishes a meaningful continuity for the BIE, which has placed a great focus on Expos as a process of cooperation rather than as punctual events viewed as the celebration of an organising country.

Looking forward to the next Expos in Astana in 2017 and in Dubai in 2020, the BIE remains committed to ensuring that Expos are a strong reference for improving quality of life in cities and for urban sustainable development.