The Beer Day Celebration

The Beer Day Celebration

Some are blond, black, red, white, etc. Some are with or without alcohol. No matter the type, beers stand for sharing, meetings and dialogues.

On the occasion of the official opening of the Beer Festival in Munich, Expo 2015 Milan invited its guests to enjoy the Beer Day. A series of events, activities, shows, meetings are organised around this topic. Many countries participating in Expo 2015, notably Germany, Belgium, Austria, Chile, Monaco, Slovenia and Hungary actively contribute to the visibility of this event, offering and presenting special events and highlights all along the day.

As a traditional and ancestral beverage discovered at the commencement of agriculture, beer considerably evolved over the ages, in terms of brewing, production, distribution and consumption.

Beer has become as science per se. Today, there are "zythologists", these connoisseurs of beer and the way to savour it, who, as the sommeliers do for wine, can tell which beer to accompany best which dish and who are perfectly experts in the different chemical and biochemical steps of the brewage process (as oenologists are for the wine production).

According to some zythologists, beer would come from the Sumerian era. The original cereal used to produce beer was barley, the initial cereal on earth that used to be considered as the queen of cereals. Traditionally, women in charge of all the domestic tasks would brew beer and then came the time where men would do it as they took care of commercialising it. Along with the development of agriculture, cultures, technics and production of beer have evolved.

Nowadays, beer has to face the laws of the market and the climatic challenges. From California to the Czech Republic, rising temperatures and lack of water have hit hop production. Beer productions and quality have consequently been affected.

At the same time truly promising in terms of gastronomy and in terms of economy, beer is at the center of discussions, research and innovations. The production of beer in powder has even already started. In certain critical regions of Africa, such as Cameroun, concrete measures that have been taken to allow larger and better water access have also significantly benefitted to developing and expanding the brewing of a popular regional beer, improving the business prospects and positively impacting the production and the revenues.

Through all these aspects, the celebration of the Beer Day at EXPO 2015 Milan, reminds that World Expos are a mixture of social commitment and education, of imagination and commentary on the current world, of cultural diversity and celebration of individual identity, of tradition and innovation. World Expos are extraordinary platforms where cooperation, communication, innovation and sharing thrive.

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