The site

The Expo site has been designed as a full immersion inside the theme of nutrition and as a space for entertainment and innovation. Its relatively small size of 1,1 square km will allow each part of the site, every street, every corner, every park to be an integral part of the experience.

Through interactive attractions and futuristic venues, the visitor will discover the challenges of feeding the planet, learn about best practices developed all over the world, participate to activities, engage in nutrition programs and also taste a variety of cuisines, learn about other cultures, go to concerts, live shows and events.

The site has been conceived as a physical translation of the theme, and as a place that visitors will enjoy. Nature, the source of all food, is at the heart of the project: the site is a landscape with hills, canals, trees, parks, gardens and lakes. The streets that lead to the pavilions will be wide and covered by shades as the Expo will take place during the summer. Inspired by nature, the site also aims at protecting it. Eco-friendy and reusable materials will be used for the buildings and renewable energies will address part of the Expo's needs.

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