In Expo Milan 2015, Russia will showcase its involvement in food security and food supply on a global scale. To learn more about the country's project and its objectives, we have interviewed the Commissioner General of the Pavilion of Russia at the Expo, Mr. Georgy Kalamanov.

The theme you have chosen for the Pavilion of Russia is "Growing for the world. Cultivating for the future". In what way does this theme reflect the policy of Russia regarding food security on a national and global level?

Georgy Kalamanov: The theme of the Russian pavilion at Expo 2015 reflects Russia's commitment to agriculture, global food security and a responsible food supply policy. Russia has strong agricultural credentials, a diverse food production base, and not only has the capacity to provide food security for its own population, but is also able to ease pressures on food supply on a global scale. Our country has been at the forefront of the international debate concerning food security, and it is an influential player in the world market for agricultural products. Food security is one of the principal factors in the formulation of the Russian federal agricultural policy – and as such, I think it is correct to say that the theme of our pavilion at Expo 2015 reflects the policy of Russia very accurately.

Which projects and innovations will be showcased in the pavilion?

The Russian pavilion will be full of surprises for our visitors, and therefore I do not want to spoil the experience by telling you all our secrets! However, rest assured that our pavilion will showcase cutting edge processes, technologies and projects in the fields of food production and international supply.

Could you tell us about the design of the pavilion?

We hope and expect that the Russian pavilion in Expo Milan 2015 will follow the great tradition of Russian and Soviet pavilions of previous Expos and make a stunning impact on the millions of visitors of Expo 2015. From the exterior architecture to the innovative use of internal spaces, and from the branding to the visitor experience, we are working with some of Russia's most exciting new design talents. Our sensitive use of materials and the organic appearance of the pavilion will reflect Russia's agricultural heritage.

What image of Russia do you hope to leave in the minds of the visitors?

Of course, on one level, we want visitors of our pavilion to leave with the sense that Russia takes its position as a major global food producer extremely seriously, and that Russia is a reliable partner in the global food supply network. At the same time, we want to celebrate the huge contributions that Russia has made in the field of science and agriculture. However, if there is one impression we want to leave it is that Russia is open to all, hospitable and a producer of the world's finest food and drink!

Official video of Russian Pavillion

Do you see Expo Milan 2015 as an international relations tool and a place to boost cooperation with other countries?

Russia has always been a very proud participant in World Expos - from the very first one in 1851. We know that Expo 2015 will offer a fantastic cooperation platform with our international partners. It will truly be a window on the world and provide the opportunity to reach out to the international community. Expo 2015 will particularly allow us to shine the spotlight on the Russian-Italian relationship, which has always been one of great warmth. World Expos work on many different levels: commercial, cultural, diplomatic, and Expo 2015 will be a great opportunity to engage not only on a country-to-country basis, but also on a more personal level. In this way, the Russian pavilion in Milan will showcase the real Russia to those who may not know much about our country and will also be a place to enhance our cooperation with existing international partners.

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