European Union

With its theme "Growing Europe's Future together for a better world", the European Union will emphasize the importance of working together to ensure a safe and sustainable future for all. By presenting its important work on nutrition, and fostering debate and cooperation at Milan 2015, the European Union's participation will be a great example of what Expos are about.

Showcasing the EU's leading role on the challenge of nutrition

In its pavilion, the EU will address the questions of agriculture, industry, health and consumer protection, international development, energy and climate, environment and insist on the crucial importance research and innovation can play.

"The EU plays a major role in finding solutions to the challenges addressed by Expo 2015. They are at the crossroad of several EU policies such as the Agricultural Policy that helps farmers to produce food, protect the environment, improve animal welfare and sustain livelihoods in rural communities. The EU is also the largest development aid donor worldwide. And the EU promotes food quality and healthy standards in the field of nutrition, thus becoming over the last 15 years a reference in food safety policies." stresses David Wilkinson, Commissioner General of the Pavilion.

A visitor experience that engages with everyone

The EU pavilion will tell an engaging story thanks to Alex and Sylvia, two fictional characters. "They will help us transmit our message in a very simple and understandable way. Alex is a farmer and Sylvia is a research scientist. The story begins with a EU sponsored competition for the best bread, drawing on the significant role that wheat as a crop plays in the lives of Europeans," describes the Commissioner General.

He goes on: "Alex and Sylvia have two dogs and very different views of the world, they rarely see eye to eye. We want to fully engage the public, especially young visitors, and explain that global food security will be achieved through good cooperation between science and agriculture and between geographical regions worldwide. The story will also highlight how the implementation of EU initiatives has led to a better-functioning food supply chain. The key attraction of the pavilion will be a short movie displayed with simulators. Visitors will experience the EU like never before."

Expo, a great opportunity to make progress on food security and sustainability

In addition to the exhibition showcased in the pavilion of the EU, the organization will launch many events and workshops to boost dialogue and cooperation on the Expo theme. "The debate at Expo will help create a resource efficient planet, and here the European Union can lead the way," shares David Wilkinson.

The Joint Resarch Center, the scientific arm of the European Commission who is organizing the EU's participation to Expo, is currently coordinating the work of a scientific steering committee composed of 11 international experts and chaired by the former Agriculture commissioner Fanz Fishler. The committee will define a programme of events during Expo and draft a recommendation paper highlighting priorities for research and innovation. "This will promote a policy debate among all participating countries and international organizations and contribute to the political legacy of the event," says Mr Wilkinson.

"Expo will act as a platform for policy debates which will provide invaluable input for future policy initiatives. The unprecedented number of countries and international bodies coming together for such a long period will certainly contribute to developing cooperation and new ways of tackling food insecurity and problems associated with nutrition. The wide audience of the Expo will follow this debate and actively contribute to it," he concludes.

"There is strength in unity"

If there is one thing the Organizers of the EU Pavilion hope visitors will remember, it is that the European Union benefits everybody. "The visitor should leave with a better understanding of what the EU has achieved over the last fifty years, and what will be the challenges both in the short term and towards 2050," hopes David Wilkinson. "Visitors will realise there is strength in unity, and that when countries work together it leads to a greater global impact. They will be inspired to join the movement for a fairer and more sustainable future."

For more information on the EU participation to Expo Milan 2015 visit the official website.