Through the theme "Fields of Ideas", nature and innovation will be at the heart of the German pavilion. With an immersive design inspired by farmlands and flowering meadows, the pavillion will showcase the importance of nature in food production and engage visitors in new ways to preserve it. 

Preserve Nature, because it is where food comes from

"The German pavilion aims at raising awareness on the importance of the environment in food production," explains Dietmar Schmitz, Commissioner General of the Pavilion. Emphasis will be placed on the key role of 4 elements: soil, biodiversity, climate and water.

The pavilion will give an overview of the current research, policies and pioneering opportunities emerging in Germany and an important part will be given to small and mid-sized companies. Among many projects, the pavilion will present the measures Germany has taken to protect Lake Constance, one of the biggest reservoirs of drinking water in Europe, and the project Viva con Agua, an initiative dedicated to raising money to finance water projects all over the world.

Holistic concept and organic design

"A special characteristic of the pavilion is the interweaving of the architecture and the exhibition content. The "idea seedlings" which sprout from the exhibition rooms through the roof of the pavilion and develop into a canopy of leaves on the visitor deck are part of this concept. They are the connecting elements that link the exterior with the interior and the architecture with the exhibition. This holistic approach begins with the use of sustainable building materials and extends to the planned deconstruction of the German pavilion at the end of the Expo" describes Mr. Schmitz.

A double experience

An exterior and an interior route will allow visitors to embark on two different experiences. The exterior route will bring the visitors to an upper level park where they will be able to stroll around, relax, have a picnic, enjoy regional products from Germany, take in the view, and get a glimpse at the innovations showcased in the interior route.

The interior route will guide the visitor through an immersive and engaging exhibition centred on the importance of Soil, Water, Air, Biodiversity and Food.

Interactivity at the heart of the exhibition

"Be(e) active is the leitmotif of the pavilion. The didactic concept behind this aims at involving the visitors. The more active they are, the more they will take home with them" assures Dietmar Schmitz. Visitors will meet with committed Germans who will talk about their projects and share insights. They will be given a "seed board": a screen for texts, images, films and games that will accompany them throughout the visit. They will also be part of the key show of the pavilion: with their hands, mouths, and seed board they will become the orchestra of an immersive and entertaining film on nature and food production in Germany.

An open and innovative Germany

"With this pavilion, Germany will present itself as a vibrant, fertile landscape filled with ideas and solutions that have arisen from the careful and appreciative handling of nature. The pavilion will convey an open, appealing and humorous image of Germany," concludes Dietmar Schmitz.

For more information on the pavilion, visit the official site.