With a pavilion dedicated to the theme "Excellence and Solidarity – A New Look at Feeding the Planet", the Principality of Monaco will highlight its commitment to international cooperation programs.

The theme translates the importance Monaco gives to sharing

"Monaco is a rich country, and our main task in relation to that, is sharing." explains HE Sophie Thevenoux, Ambassador of Monaco to Paris. The Principality, with its 202 ha, is not a food producer but the country is deeply involved in solving food challenges all over the world, through a very advanced international cooperation policy. The objective of this policy is the fight against poverty and hunger in the world.

3 projects will be presented in Milan

This philosophy of sharing will be illustrated by tangible examples developed by the Department of International Cooperation of Monaco. Three projects will be particularly highlighted. "We support a project in Mongolia to assist pastoralists. We offer aid regarding farming techniques and marketing. We also have a project in Madagascar that is centered on food support for women and infants, they are essential for the development of a country. The third project to be presented is an aid to small social entrepreneurship through microfinance in Burkina Faso," added the Ambassador. The two monegasque foundations, Albert I and Albert II will also be present and will hold sessions of the Monaco Blue Initiative, a discussion platform on ocean protection.

Strong architectural symbols

The pavilion designed by Enrico Pollini with the technical expertise of the Monegasque company ES-KO brings together three strong elements:
Containers, symbolic of the distribution of food
The tent, symbol of the shelters that populations helped by the Principality use a shelters
The garden, symbol of Mother Earth.

Milan in 2015 in Burkina Faso

The pavilion will have a second life after the Expo since it will be reallocated to benefit the Red Cross in Burkina Faso, where it will become a regional training and rehabilitation center. "In order to reuse the pavilion after the Expo, we have designed a building that can be dismantled and reassembled. The building will be slightly modified to fit to the needs of the Red Cross and to the characteristics of Burkina Faso. In particular, photovoltaic panels will replace the green roof, the current offices will be transformed into dormitories and the center of the pavilion will host a canteen and an Internet cafe" concludes Julien Cellario, Deputy Commissioner General of the Pavilion.

For more information on the pavilion visit the official website.