Expo Milan 2015 – Participation of Algeria

At Expo Milan, the Pavilion of Algeria will showcase the reach cultural and agricultural heritage of its country and share with the world innovative solutions in the field of agriculture. Mr Mohammed Bensalem, Commissioner General of the pavilion, tells us about what Algeria hopes to create in terms of visitor experience at Expo 2015.

1. The theme you have chosen for the Pavilion of Algeria is "How to value agricultural heritage and technological development towards food sufficiency". What messages do you wish to convey through this theme and how does it reflect the food vision and policy of Algeria?

The messages Algeria spreads out through the theme « How to value agricultural heritage and technological development towards food sufficiency » are articulated around two axes: the axis of heritage that aims at highlighting our rich cultural and agricultural heritage and the axis of development that emphasises the Algerian agriculture policy and innovations put in place to protect and widespread this heritage.

2. What projects will be showcased in the pavilion to present the agricultural heritage and the technological development of Algeria?

Since the agricultural heritage of Algeria is diversified, it entails a tremendous potentiality and traditional historical technics, such as the foggaras (a system of traditional irrigation), for example. As to the development, it permeates in the innovations through state of the art technologies, for the shrimps farming in the Sahara, the argan tree preservation in the region of Tindouf (in the Sahara) or the olive growing in the Aures (an eastern prolongation of the Atlas Mountain System that lies to the east of the Saharan Atlas in north-eastern Algeria), for example. These are elements and aspects we will highlight in our presentation.

3. Could you tell us about the design of the pavilion and how it is translated in the design of your presentation? What you expect to create in terms of visitor experience?

We are preparing our presence and presentations so that all these features are showcased through images, videos and short movies in high definition that would « transport » the visitors in our beautiful country, Algeria.

4. Why has Algeria chosen to be present in the Bio-Mediterranean cluster? What your expectations in terms of sharing best practices, experience and developing cooperation programmes?

As part of the Mediterranean Region, Algeria is considered as a center for wide genetic variability, biodiversity and rare spaces richness. Therefore, it had no other option than the Bio-Mediterranean cluster. Furthermore, thanks to its culture, its way of life and its climate that inspire joy of life, Algeria is the best Mediterranean country in the world. Therefore, we expect that this cluster reflects these aspects along with our culinary and agricultural practices related to the overall theme of the Expo.

5. What image of Algeria do you hope to leave in the minds of the visitors?

We hope that we will leave in the visitors' mind the image of the true, genuine Algeria, a country that is at the same time a continent with 2 oceans, a civilisation cradle (notably of the Roman civilisation), with a rich cultural heritage and a young population. In the past three experiences of Algeria in Expo participation (Aichi, Shanghai, Yeosu), we were honoured with the gold, the silver and the bronze medals and therefore, we strongly wish that our presence at Expo Milan 2015 be as well rewarded for the solutions we propose towards food self-sufficiency within the general context of the theme "Feeding the planet, Energy for life".