Expo Milan 2015 - Pavilion of Lithuania

Questions for Commissioner General, Mr. Jankauskas

1. The theme you have chosen for the Pavilion of Lithuania is "Well of knowledge: experienced Future". Why have you chosen this theme and what messages will it convey?

Since the re-establishment of independence, Lithuanians have re-created their identity based on age-old history and an optimistic perspective of a start of a new better era. With this dualism in mind, we have experienced development, which is marked by a strong sense of history and at the same time hunger and aptitude for new ways and new technologies.

During the EXPO 2015, we will share this underlying way of life and wish to show how having an identity strongly embedded to pre-Christian values can coexist without contradiction to modern times.

Rather than being in conflict with the 21st century the historic background provides us with reference on which to build our lives. The peace and respect that out ancestors had for their surrounding is sort of a tradition that we would like to maintain today.

The participation of Lithuania in the Expo will provide an opportunity to show Lithuania to the world as a country with beautiful nature and well-developed economy. The theme of EXPO 2015 "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" allows us to showcase our achievements in the fields of environmental protection, ecological farming and production of the high quality food.

2. The theme refers to innovation. What projects developed by Lithuania will be showcased in the pavilion?

Lithuania wants to show to the visitors – through experience and innovation – a way of keeping a balance between using natural resources and taking care of the environment.

It is an ever-growing challenge for food manufacturers to overcome time and distance, while maintaining the excellent quality of the food products.

Dozens of scientific institutions and academia helps our farmers as well as the food industry to achieve impressive results. We feel, it is encouraging that many companies are interested in participating with us in this EXPO 2015. We are working on the selection of possible exhibits. I have no doubt that our farmers and manufacturers will highly contribute to this presentation, especially in processing dairy and meat products. I hope that the visitors will experience not only beautiful taste and functional characteristics of the products, but also enjoy modern design of packaging and pleasant way of serving food in our restaurant and bar.

3. Could you tell us about the pavilion design that you have chosen and what you expect to create in terms of visitor experience?

The spirit to the Lithuanian pavilion is based on simplicity. While we aim at creating interactive, hands on, personal approach for everybody, we do not wish to overwhelm visitors with too much information.

We intend to provide a connection of three key senses for experiencing food: sight, smell and taste. The visitor will be enrolled on a concise journey, which will show the how traditional Lithuanian food products have developed from their inception to their final shape when they reach our tables today.

The journey will culminate with a possibility of tasting these products, thus creating a holistic approach to the whole concept.

We consider that half of our success will lay on the attractiveness of the design of our pavilion and that the other half depends on the content of the exhibition, cultural program, skills of our staff, and, of course, the quality and taste of the food, we will offer during six months of EXPO 2015.

4. What image of Lithuania do you wish to leave in the minds of the visitors?

We aim at creating a balanced image of Lithuania, which is a place where 21st century advancements coexist with age-old heritage, a country in which tradition and innovation go hand in hand, with for example a generation of scientists who control a quarter of world's laser industry and at the same time, there is artisan food industry which continues producing traditional Lithuanian products. The Pavilion is designed to accommodate the existing both sides of the spectrum.

In 2015 Lithuania will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the regaining of independence and will join the Euro Zone. We consider that our participation in EXPO 2015 is an outstanding opportunity for Lithuania's representatives to present our country's achievements and to facilitate successful development of international business.

5. Do you see Expo Milan as a place for sharing of best practices in the field of Nutrition and food production?

Yes, we see EXPO Milano as a pool of ideas that will inspire better and more effective solutions to nutrition and food production across the continents. Sharing experiences and good practices would serve as a catalyst for globally spreading more environmentally responsible approach to food production.

After having taken place in Asia (with Aichi, Shanghai, Yeosu), Expos are back to Europe, and, in this context, I very highly appreciate the efforts of the EU pavilion to rally all European countries showcasing profound traditions and outstanding progress in food production of the hosting continent. The EU program of events that should be organized by thematic weeks as well as several projects coordinated by EU and FAO will involve scientists, business people, politicians and general public. This is why EXPO 2015 will definitely serve as an ideal platform for future development and cooperation.