About Milan and Italy

Italy: a strong link with the theme

Nutrition is a theme Italians know well. Internationally renowned for its food and the quality of its produce, Italy is also home to the biggest international organization on food: the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization.

Milan: a business and innovation hub

With 9,3 million inhabitants, Milan is the economic capital of Italy and a major European business center. The city is home to many companies and produces 10% of the Italian GDP. 40 % of Italy's innovation patents are issued in Milan. The city is also one of the biggest cultural capitals in the world. It sells 10 million tickets a year for art, music and cinema and is a major hot spot for the fashion industry with about 650 show rooms and many events like the Milan Fashion Week.

A central location

The dynamism of Milan and its central location in Europe and the Mediterranean region have turned the city into one of Europe's major touristic destination. The Expo will therefore benefit from its demographic basin and natural tourism and will attract a new flow of visitors.

About the post expo plan

Expos are a place where the international community and the civil society get together to tackle global issues and look for new solutions to world challenges. The event in itself therefore has to be conceived as part of the solution. It shouldn't be just a temporary mega-event but serve the development of the region where it takes place. Milan is currently working on the project that will best help boost the appeal and the economy of the Rho-Pero region.