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2020 Ekaterinburg - Russia


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Dates :

May 1 – October 31, 2020


Expo Site :

Ekaterinburg is planning to develop sustainably a 400-plus hectare Expo venue, which would be the second largest site in Expo history behind Shanghai Expo 2010.



Theme :

The Global Mind

The Global Mind theme for Ekaterinburg’s Expo will survey world opinion through seven universal questions with the goal of communicating the values, hopes, dreams and aspirations of people from every culture and nation across the world in a single discussion.

Each participating nation would develop an exhibition, presenting its historical narrative and expressing its value, unfolding in a six-part experience, including – The story of our nation; Voice of vision, Lives of inspiration; Times of transformation; Points of conflict, points of peace; The mind – unlimited; and Future opinion.

The concept will be to take the theme of urban sustainability, which has been at the heart of recent Expos, and bring it to the global stage. The Expo will be the platform from which to compile a new comprehensive world history based on the individual narratives of each nation, offering educators everywhere a new intellectual consensus on the history of civilization.



2020-eka-map-engObjectives :

Situated on the border of Europe and Asia, 1,677 kilometers east of Moscow, Ekaterinburg is the administrative center of the Sverdlovsk region and the main city of the Urals Federal District of the Russian Federation.

Russia’s fourth largest city, Ekaterinburg is a major Eurasian transport hub, industrial and business center and has hosted a number of domestic and international events in recent years.

The objective of the bid is to engage the world in an open dialogue about our shared future and help to enhance the transformation of Russia towards a more open and expressive society.

Expo 2020 would complement other major events set to happen in Russia in the coming years, including the Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games, 2018 FIFA World Cup, and Kazan Universiade. Expo 2020 in Ekaterinburg will showcase the impressive transformation taking place across Russia in and beyond the Ural Mountains.

" Ekaterinburg Expo 2020 shall be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate innovatively, technologically and scientifically advanced Russia engaging foreign partners to a mutual conversation on issues mentioned. "

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


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