Logo Expo Astana 2017


Date :

June 10 – September 10, 2017

Expected participants :

more than 100 countries and 6 international organisations

Expected visitors :

over 5 million visitors from all over the world

Expo Site :

A land of 25 hectares is planned for allocating the pavilions of Expo 2017. The site is easily accessible from Astana’s city center, the international airport and the railway station. The Expo Site is also linked to a network of Kazakhstan’s inter-city roads to ensure a quick access from the whole country.

2017-astana-carte-fr-engTheme :

Future Energy

Kazakhstan proposed “Future Energy” as the theme of Expo 2017. Nowadays, the world is facing a shortage of energy and the threat of an environmental crisis.  This raises a real challenge in perserving traditional energies and finding alternative energies. As oil production is declining and its value increases gradually, in the near future, an important part of the population will have to shift to alternative energies. The Expo will serve as a platform for exchanging experiences from all over the world in the field of alternative energy, a sector that is growing rapidly.


Being a country that owns a rich reserve of oil, gas and uranium, Kazakhstan seizes its responsibility in preserving traditional energies and promoting alternative energies such as solar, wind, marine resources, ocean and geothermal waters to resolve the problems of energy shortage in the world.

The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, was awarded the “City of Peace” award by the UNESCO. Kazakhstan is the first nation in central Asia to have submitted an application for a specialised international Expo. Expo 2017 Astana is part of Kazakhstan's Green Economy program.

"In the new Century of scientific and technological breakthrough, also marked by more and more frequent natural catastrophes, ecological issues and natural resources are part of the global priorities of the international community.”

Ambassador of Kazakhstan in France


More information at : www.expo2017astana.com

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