Expo 2020 Dubai, First World Expo in the Middle East

Expo 2020 Dubai, First World Expo in the Middle East


Dates: October 20th 2020 - April 10th 2021

Expected visitors: 25 million

The theme: Connecting minds, creating the future

With its theme, the Expo bid fosters both a philosophy of mutual understanding and cooperation and a hands-on approach to figure out the solutions to three tangible sub-themes: mobility, sustainability and opportunity. For Dubai, these three challenges are so interconnected that they have to be addressed simultaneously in order to find truly global answers :

Mobility adresses issues of logistics, smart engineering and energy consumption. Sustainability is about preserving our resources and ensuring everyone has access to them. Opportunity is being able to adapt to an ever-changing world and develop new economic models that take into account cross cultural exchange, the progress in technology and the vital role of sustainable development.

A view of Dubai

A view of Dubai

2020 starts now with Expo live

An important part of Dubai's project is the Expo Live program that will find, fund and bring to Dubai innovative projects thanks to a 100 million Euro Expo Partnership Fund. Through seminars, working groups, meetings and workshops, Expo live will connect the innovators of tomorrow with experts and potential partners. Expo Live will start during the preparation phase of the Expo and funded projects will be presented during the Expo in the Innovation Pavilion and Innovation labs.


The Expo reinforces Dubai and the UAE's position as a world hub

Expo 2020 Dubai will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the UAE. In only a few decades, Dubai has become one of the world's most modern, innovative and technological cities, attracting investors and workers from over 200 countries. With a target of 25 million visitors, the Expo will continue building Dubai and the UAE's status as a world hub and after the Expo, the site will become the Dubai Trade Center Jebel Ali. The Expo will also be the occasion to show the world that the UAE is shifting from "hard" to "soft" projects, as each subtheme is a pillar of Dubai's development strategy. Projects in all three fields are in motion.

Site project, Al Wasl plaza

Al Wasl plaza, site project

The Expo site : accessibility, innovation and legacy 

The site project stems from Expo 2020 Dubai's ambition to create a worldwide discussion platform, a springboard for creativity and a networking space. The Expo will take place on a 438-hectare site on the southwestern edge of Dubai. Equidistant from Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the site will be located next to the new Al Maktoum International Airport, which will be able to carry 160 million passengers a year. The site itself will be divided in three areas dedicated to each sub-theme. These thematic zones will lead up to Al Wasl, the main plaza. Countries will be able to set up their pavilion in the area that corresponds best to their development strategy. Sustainability is at the heart of the project. The site is based on modular design. An important part of the Expo will be dismantled and rebuilt to create appropriate infrastructures for the development of the region.  

More information: http://expo2020dubai.ae/en/